Kae, Founder and President

My name is Kae Woodland, and I LOVE FOOD!

I created Lifestyle for Life™, developing new products to entice the taste buds and help people make better, more enjoyable life choices. Creating food that indulges the taste buds while being better for you is my goal. You can make huge improvements, without depriving yourself of the tastes you love.

I have spent many years in the consumer-packaged goods industry in Marketing Research and Product Development, working with industry giants like Nestle Canada and Colgate Palmolive, and retailers like Save-On Foods in Western Canada. During these years I developed both food and personal beauty care products for the consumer market. I used innovation and consumer-focused thinking to create products that have became household favorites.

Working within the structure of corporate goals and government regulations, I realized consumers were not being adequately informed about the everyday products they used. They were confused by conflicting information, and believed that “good for you” meant “tasteless”. I love food, all the flavours, textures, and aromas. I eat with all my senses, and I refuse to give any of it up just to be healthy. And you don’t have to either.

As a holistic wellness coach I believe I have a unique point of view on wellness. Wellness is not about deprivation or restrictions, but about enjoying life to the fullest. I am dedicated to supporting individuals as they create a healthy lifestyle for life.