I did not grow up drinking milk- as a preemie I did for a short while, but thankfully my mother was a wise woman and did not continue to feed it to me.  I did however use it in milk baths – it was my father’s way of indulging his princess. That was always a special springtime treat.
Growing up there was always cheese consumed at Easter with Easter bun.  Fortunately for us this “cheese” was mostly oil.  I think they showed it to a cow so that they could call it cheese 😊.  Then I was introduced to real cheese and fell in love.  As most of you know, I LOVE FOOD, and cheese is no exception.  Tiger Blue, Camembert, Jarlsberg – the more exotic the better.  What could be more comforting than a bowl of linguini with Alfredo sauce.  This was one of my go to dishes.  Only problem, with traditional Alfredo sauce, it did not love me back.
So, I made the conscious decision one day to stop the madness and leave the cheese & dairy alone.
Developing Cashumeltm was my way of staying true to my plan and helping others transition out of the madness.  This product and the other products now in development are full of flavour and designed to keep our love of food alive while maintaining a healthy profile. They are here to support us as we walk the road of health & wellness.  I hope you will take the journey with me.


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