At the end of each week I look forward to Friday nights as it my time for R&R.  Saturdays – also known affectionately to some of my friends as the Shabbat, is a day to disconnect with technology and connect with friends and family. Shabbat means to stop.  I interpret that to mean stop whatever my usual routine of the past 6 days and try something new.  Feel something new, make a new connection.  Connection takes many forms; it could be quiet times at home with my spouse just being together and having deep meaningful conversation, or on a walk through the woods with close friends soaking up nature and sharing whatever spontaneously comes up.
Other times for recharging I  will listen to live music or go to church.  I frequent a particular church, and every week there is music, and of course there is food. Here you get a chance to meet new people, and to just talk – not about business, but about whatever is important to you.  It may be just light conversation with jokes and memes but it give your mind a true break from the stresses of the week.  There is no judgement, and always lots of laughter.
Food is the great connector and this church in White Rock BC is a safe place to try new plant based foods and connect.  Loneliness is a big problem in our society.  It causes feelings of emptiness and depression.  But you do not have to struggle alone. Sometime all it takes is reaching out – stepping out of your comfort zone and allowing someone or something new to interrupt your cycle.  Find a space to do just that, church, community centre, coffee shop.  Say hello or just smile, whatever you do just be open to that human connection.  For loneliness – human connection is the cure  – take a chance and reach out, you may just find open arms reaching back to connect.

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